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Join my Happy Love and Marriage Crusade!

Creating healthy, exciting, fun and happy marriages is my mission.

I am Debbie Gerber a Happy Marriage advocate and facilitator. I am on a crusade to create happy successful marriages with my range of marriage builders tools,journey planner and love quotations. Everyone knows couples that could be happier. How important is a happy marriage?

Benefits of Love and Marriage:

  • Better Sleep
  • Higher survival rate in serious diseases
  • Cut the risk of stroke
  • Lowers your probability of getting Alzheimer’s
  • Live longer
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Better financial situation
  • Less stress
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Heal faster from wounds and surgery
  • Look younger in later years
  • Get sick less often
  • Emotional and physical sexual satisfaction
  • Stronger immune system

Are you happily married? Do you have a happy marriage? I hope so. Being married is only part only part of getting all these fabulous benefits of love and marriage; it must be a happy loving marriage. Happy marriages pay off with many benefits so I want your marriage to be even happier.

On this website I have gathered resources together in an easy to find place to help improve marriages with a wide range of marriage builders to suit you. You can make your love and marriage grow happier and more fun starting today. Share my website with those couples you know that aren't as happy as they could be. Join with me spreading the Happy Marriage Crusade. Happy marriages make happy people, happy families, happy work places, happy communities, happy world and most important happy you.

You might be asking, "What does a Castle and a Relationship have in common?

  • With having a Happy Marriage?
  • With having more fun with love and marriage?
  • With Marriage Guidance?
  • With Improving your unity?
  • With solving marriage problems?
  • With Saving your Marriage?

A castle is first built by having a vision of what the owner wants. Then there is a plan made. Once it is approved supplies are gathered and brought to the piece of land that will be where the caste will forever reside. Although when it is new it looks perfect there will soon be upkeep. If the repairs aren't quickly made as they occur things start falling apart.

The worse the disrepair the harder and longer it takes to repair and make the castle stay in new condition. It will take specific tools, skills and knowledge to make those repairs. A relationship castle is built in a similar way. You find the person that meets your vision of what you want in a mate. Then you make plans to be married.

When you are first married your relationship seems perfect. Shortly thereafter little issues, annoyances, disagreements, or disappointment start to creep in. If you can repair those right away they are easily handled. If you take longer and ignore the problems they will grow. Large cracks will result. These are harder and take longer to fix and reface so that it comes back to like new.

Most of the time you will need some advice, tools, and skills to get the results that you desire. That is what you will get from Relationship Castle Systems. Take action now to prevent the crumbling that will result in falling out of love and marriage.

All marriages go through similar problems and stresses. Having the keys and knowing the pitfalls before they happen is really the best way to be sure to attain happiness in marriage. When couples pre-decide how they will handle stressful or potentially marriage destructive situations or actions they will prevent the little things that add up to be the big things that cause emotional separation. Having a plan in place as a couple will strengthen their marriage or allow them to fix the cracks that develop in Their relationship.

Couples can stop the emotional roller coaster in their relationship. They can attain a happy marriage!

It's time to claim your dream love and marriage relationship. Why wait any longer? Do you really want to continue to feel pain, disappointment and heartache when you could have your emotional needs met and be happy. I would love to share some marriage guidance with you that I learned through personally living through the cracks that happen in a marriage.

The "Attaining Happiness in Marriage" system will train you how to increase the level of happiness in a marriage. It will share with you how to repair and fix the cracks in an unhappy marriage and have a Relationship Castle that will stand the test of time and look and feel new. We all grew up listening to fairy tales. I know that I thought as a young girl that prince charming would ride up and be my hero, bring my eternal love with him, and I would listen to him recite love quotations to me on a daily basis.

Happiness was finding my prince and then I would live happily ever after at least that is what the fairy tales and the the movies promised to a young girl. As a grown up I found out that the fairy tale didn't quite work that way. Sometimes it is a rude awakening that happens even several years after marriage.

The truth is you can't just let marriage take care of itself; it take constant attention and focus to have a marriage that the fairy tales promised. You have to employ marriage builders and use tools with each other to survive. Let me share with you the secrets to being a power couple. Loving and caring for each other where your needs and wants are met and you are happy together. There is no need to go through hurt and pain. Let your love and marriage be joyous and fun.

Discover the Secrets:

  • Go from criticism to compliments
  • Get what you want out of you marriage
  • Easy steps to rekindle the flame
  • How to fall back into love again
  • Keep from using sex as a weapon
  • Have your marriage become the #1 priority after God
  • Be respected and valued in your marriage
  • Stop the fighting, bitterness, and disappointment
  • Increase affection and romance
  • Stop being dumped on and run over
  • Have your emotional needs met
  • Have common visions and goals while retaining individuality
  • Using an effective journey planner to plan the relationship you both want

If these secrets are what you are seeking for in your marriage check out this site. There are plenty of love and marriage hints and tips here. Don't have a sand castle relationship where the wind will blow your love away piece by small piece. Build your castle from stone on a strong foundation. Make sure there is a moat large and deep enough to keep the marriage predators away.

Everyone needs to have fun in their relationship with their husband or wife. I also offer tips on that including:

  • Dating Ideas
  • Gifts to Give
  • Notes to Write
  • Fun Quizzes
  • Couple Castle Club Trips
  • Marriage and Love Quotations
  • Marriage Builders and Wisdom
  • Personal Identity
  • Personal Self Worth
  • Hugs and Kisses
  • Body Language
  • Affirmations and Goal Attaining
  • Sample Love Texts
  • Couple Activities
  • Intimacy Ideas

Join me for not only filling in the problem cracks in marriage relationships but also let me give you time tested tips for bringing fun and enjoyment to marriages. Join with me in my crusade for helping you to have a happy marriage. I would love to have you contribute to the site with videos, comments and stories that I can add to the site to help others.

Marriage Crusade!

Happy Marriage Crusade