Make Christmas Simple

Christmas can be simplified by simply talking about gift giving. Here are some discussion starters to have in order to avoid the nasty, hurtful, Christmas ruining ones later.

  • Are you going to buy gifts for each other or buy something together?
  • How much will you spend on each other?
  • How many gifts will you give each other?
  • When will you open the gifts?
  • Where will each of you put them so you don’t accidentally find them?
  • How much will you spend overall on Christmas?
  • What will your Christmas schedule be?
  • Are you traveling somewhere?
  • Are you going to family or friends?
  • What parties will you attend?
  • What will you have for Christmas dinner?
  • Do you do Christmas stockings for each other?
  • What will be the schedule for Christmas day?

Talking about important events, holidays or celebrations before they happen lets everyone be on the same page.

By the way you might remember to buy your someone special something that they want not something you want or something that you need for the house unless that was the agreement in your discussion.

Most disappointments, hurt feelings and upset happen by lack of communication and proper prior planning.

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  1. Great conversation starters for Newlyweds Debbie!

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